Gay Sites You Might Not Know

I follow more than my fair share of gay blogs/sites. I thought some of you might be interested to know about the ones I read regularly and enjoy. =) I have left some sites out, but mostly because they’re so widely known. This is about sites you might not know about!

Unless otherwise stated, the sites are NSFW

News and Information Sites: – THey have a “Morning Meme” and “Weekend Meme” that breaks down the gay news around the world–including pop culture, movies, youtube videos. THe rest of the site is a mish-mash of cool blog posts that range from advice columns to (one of my favorite things) hilarious recaps of TV shows like Teen Wolf (among others). Also a cool message board that has a books section! – A Take No Prisoners in your face gay news and information site.

SFW: – I would call this the journalistic approach to Gay News. If Dan Rather did nothing but blog Gay News, this is the blog he would write.

SFW: The Huffington Post Gay Voices – Mostly an aggregate of gay news gathered from various internet sources as well as some cool blog posts. Lots of chats and comments on there as well and it’s fun to take part in the community of comments lol

SFW: Pink News – UK based gay site, so you can keep up with European gay news =D LOL

Pretty/Culture Sites:

Artistry of Male – Sometimes beautiful, sometimes sexy, all male. Gorgeous pictures and once in a while a really gorgeous poem along with a landscape image. Really nice to wake up to. – Local happenings and events

Site closed now- but still some cool articles if you hunt aroundTNG (The New Gay) – A sort of anti-mainstream-gay-identity site. If you’re looking for new and different and probably something you haven’t heard before or a new angle you haven’t considered on the news etc, this DC based site is really terrific. Everything from books to TV to movies to news and DC gay culture (it’s far more than just a DC site though)

Oh La La Mag! – Fashion, Lifestyle, Movies, TV –mm so pretty!


Corbin Fisher sites: Lots of controversy around this site and its stance against piracy. While I disagree and strongly want to slap the shit out of their lawyer for outing people with their subpoenas for torrent downloads, I have to respect a company that puts its adult stars through college, pays them good wages, offers them health insurance, scholarships and 401ks. – Twinks. Really young looking guys. Sometimes scarily young. You’ve been warned! (but all are over 18)

Naked Sword – Most popular, not my favorite. – Rawr. Just what it sounds like

Bel AmiTWINCEST. Yes. There are twins who actually have sex with each other. If that’s your kink! (yes, I’ve watched it. yes, it’s hot).

Free Porn! (Sometimes cuts off before the money shot. Stick with the amateur uploads =P Man, there’s an edging video on gaytube that’s insanely hot. One day I will find it again! (or if you do, link it in the comments!))




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