Update (TL;DR: No huge news)

I can’t remember when I started reading Stupid Post it Notes. It was a looooooooong time ago. If you haven’t read it, it’s sort of a rambling mess of cracky awesome teenage angst. SPIN, for short, is a slash fiction story about Seth and Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. That’s his name and I think it says a lot about the story =D. It’s about all I can remember anyway nowadays about it. I can’t even describe what I love/d about it. I just…love it. I’m also someone who rarely reads two types of stories: unfinished ones and YA. SPIN is both of those things.

Way back before trans was something most of us in the slash reading community understood, the author of SPIN was in some kind of kerfuffle about ‘pretending’ to be a guy. I don’t know if that author was/is trans. I can say that I’m now smarter and wouldn’t question such a thing. In fact, I didn’t question it back then either. But a whole lot of other people did and it made the author disappear. I just wanted my story. I wanted my ending. I still, even though I’m subscribed to the story itself, check to see if it’s updated. I mean, I’ll be notified if it is. Fictionpress wouldn’t let me down, would it? GDI I check anyway. All the time. And every time I check, I’m disappointed. And angry. And frustrated. And a little sad.

What I’m saying is, I feel your frustration. I get it. And I don’t blame you one bit.

I’m slow. This process is slow. You have every right to feel frustrated. Angry. Done. Or whatever you feel. The only thing I can do is keep you updated and I’ve been shitty at doing that the last few months. The truth is, I had no news. I have no news now, but I remember just wondering if the author of SPIN had given up. But never quite knowing. I still don’t freaking KNOW! I still hold out hope. Maybe if they’d just come back to say, “I am never working on this again.” or “I need to finish medical school” anything, I would be so happy. (PS: Author, if you’re reading this, I am not saying that I’m entitled to that!)

Now that I read the above, I realize you might be thinking that’s what this post is about. Actually, this post is the opposite of that. I have not given up. I am dedicated to getting this story to you and I will not leave you hanging. I promise. You deserve to not wonder. No limbo for y’all!

For those interested, I can detail what I’m doing atm:

I finally stripped a chapter I was working on after trying to edit it and failing to write one word for nearly two months. That was 3 days ago. Maybe the pressure of knowing I was gonna write this update unblocked me, or maybe tossing that chapter was the trick because I woke up that night at 1:30 in the morning to hand print the scene. It just…came to me. And it works. I have to iron it out more, but it’s the right track. It feels right.

During the two months I didn’t write NSI, I took a deleted chapter from SG and rewrote it. It’s horrible. That’s not just my opinion =D But, I’m going to keep reworking it and see if I can get something to you all. It’ll be a sort of short story about Peter, Darryl and Cai before Austin.

That’s about all the news I have.

My last thing is…about yesterday’s blog post…and that email I sent to, well, you know who you are…and the other person who got my chat messages: Sorry!


Oh hai.

I’m really really REALLY not in the place to make an update today. I’d planned on doing it, but apparently, Ambian x 2 was a little faster-acting than I thought. The wine, I’m guessing, didn’t help. It’s taken me 39 minutes to string these babbles sentences together. Even thought I might do a vlog of it. We’ll see. The hair today was **slicks back the bangs**

*then falls off chair**

It was good. I’m gonna faceplant on the bed now. KK bai.

Update tomorrow. **nod** And also I’ll answer all the emails and stuff I’ve let back up!

Happy Holidays!

I hope youre all having a lovely holiday season!

I’m celebrating by editing and reading about bullet trajectories and wounds! It’s oddly compelling research!

What awesome books are y’all reading? And what books did you get for Christmas and Chanukah?


What? Is Dani Posting So Soon?

No, I’m sorry, this isn’t about NSI, which i’m totally writing 100% of the day except this post.





New subject.

I’ve ignored a website in the past because, back when they first started their “campaign”, I figured a) the deluded doxxing of reviewers was an anomaly and, b) hey, let’s not give them any exposure. Boy, was I wrong. Doxxing of readers/writers/reviewers/book bloggers etc. is apparently a thing. Not only doxxing, but stalking! And conking people with wine bottles after FLYING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY TO STALK THEM AT A GROCERY STORE! Wholly shit. We have some deluded people out there.

This post is about privacy, how to protect yours. Who knows, maybe I’ll save someone from getting conked on the noggin by a deluded idiot who shouldn’t be allowed on the internet, let alone near humans.

I’m going to address tips that I believe are specifically helpful in our communities, as well as a few general ways to remain private.

1. On Facebook with your real life information? If possible, keep your reviewer/author accounts on places like Goodreads and Booklikes separate and anonymous. You can still share your love of a book, you can still talk about your favorite authors, but keeping your real life name away from those accounts could, in the long run, be beneficial. Something to think about.

2. When you comment on a website, try and use a proxy server or a VPN (virtual private network). Proxy.org is a good place to start, but you can also download the tor browser and use that. https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en Why do I recommend that? Because you can be doxxed (traced/outed) through your IP address. A determined stalker will find you that way. Remember that when you click on a link from twitter/blogs/facebook and you enter someone else’s website, they get your IP address, your location, your browser and all kinds of info.

3. When leaving comments, have a specific account set up for just that purpose and keep it separate from your real life information. Different email address, different username, different everything.

4. If something requires you to login to your Facebook account in order to comment, RUN.

5. Keep every single bit of information if someone stalks you or tracks you. Screenshot it, keep the screenshots and copies of the interaction on a cloud account. Make sure you document everything, even if it’s just one incident. You don’t know when things might escalate.

I’m hoping that some of these tips help y’all. I also hope that none of you actually ever ever ever need them. 99.9% of us out there have zero interest in stalking or finding anything about people other than what they want to tell us. But hey, if there’s 100,000 people out there in our little community, the .1% who are creepy and stalkery doesn’t seem like such a small number, does it?

Stay safe, peeples!


PPS: If you have any other tips for people, please leave them in the comments (anonymously, ofc =D)

November Up–yours, Dani!

I suck. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any really awesome news. Not really bad news either, but not awesome.

I let NSI rest for two weeks so I could get fresh eyes on it. When I returned to edit, I stripped most of the one whole chapter and a lot of the others toward the end. Since doing that, I’ve had approximately zero inspiration and been totally dejected about it. Yesterday, I picked up the pen again (literally), so I’d get some inspiration. It worked and I wrote longhand about five hundred words of the chapter I had stripped. I also found out that I didn’t need to strip the whole thing and a lot of it was salvageable. Yay? That’s about all the news on writing that I have. I’m sorry it’s not better. What I think and hope is that I’ll have a release date by the end of this month. That’s my goal. Wish me luck.

Oh and hey, one of my closest friends has released a book. You don’t see me tout books often, and I’m honest about them when I do. So I’ll say I haven’t read it, but, if sci-fi het is your thing, he’s a funny dude. He used to make me spit my drink out all the time when we lived together. He also had an insane imagination and was one of the coolest most awesome people when I came out, so he has all the points. ALL OF THEM! (I haven’t read his book because (I’m a shitty friend) I’ve cut myself off from everything including: social media, reading, and even television (RIP my plans for arrow/flash slash =-( )

On Amazon

On Goodreads



PS: A lot of you message/d me on facebook, goodreads and twitter etc, I’m just getting around to reading/responding to those today, but know that when I read them and your emails, my spirits buoy and I get ten times the inspiration. Please, feel free to contact me/message me/email me/yell at me any time you want. If i’m late responding, it’s probably because I’ve cut myself off  in order to write. I’m extremely easily distracted by pretties.


edit: Oh yah, my cover for Silent has made it to another round. Only thirty covers left out of I dunno how many hundred started. I’m really excited! You can vote here: http://www.elisarolle.com/rainbowawards/covers.php Mine is number 398!