Update Three!

It’s May 1st and there’s snow outside.


Nuff said.


Onto what you’re really wanting to know!

How’s NSI going. Kinda awesomely! I’m working on the last few chapters which had to be extensively rewritten and a few extra scenes my beta recommended. So we’re in the home stretch. No dates yet, sorry, I won’t know that until I have two more beta reads after this one. The last part of the book is going to take longer because I hadn’t touched it since I started treatment. oO The one chapter with which I’ve been working recently has taken nearly 3 weeks. I’m hoping the rest will be easier.

So that’s where we’re at. Meantime, on the sidebar, if you want to see how things are going, I have a wordcount of what I’ve edited and approved so far. (there’s lots that’s not approved, so don’t let the wordcount fool you).

I’m going to make big announcements when I have a date of publication, so subscribe or fb like me or check my twitter or Goodreads or booklikes or, heck, even on my pinterest page, I’ll probably update that too. Whatever you’re comfortable with!

I’m also going to answer any questions you have below(just leave a comment). Feel free to ask me anything–though I won’t give spoilers, so heh, it’ll be generic answers if I feel anything else would reveal too much!