November Up–yours, Dani!

I suck. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any really awesome news. Not really bad news either, but not awesome.

I let NSI rest for two weeks so I could get fresh eyes on it. When I returned to edit, I stripped most of the one whole chapter and a lot of the others toward the end. Since doing that, I’ve had approximately zero inspiration and been totally dejected about it. Yesterday, I picked up the pen again (literally), so I’d get some inspiration. It worked and I wrote longhand about five hundred words of the chapter I had stripped. I also found out that I didn’t need to strip the whole thing and a lot of it was salvageable. Yay? That’s about all the news on writing that I have. I’m sorry it’s not better. What I think and hope is that I’ll have a release date by the end of this month. That’s my goal. Wish me luck.

Oh and hey, one of my closest friends has released a book. You don’t see me tout books often, and I’m honest about them when I do. So I’ll say I haven’t read it, but, if sci-fi het is your thing, he’s a funny dude. He used to make me spit my drink out all the time when we lived together. He also had an insane imagination and was one of the coolest most awesome people when I came out, so he has all the points. ALL OF THEM! (I haven’t read his book because (I’m a shitty friend) I’ve cut myself off from everything including: social media, reading, and even television (RIP my plans for arrow/flash slash =-( )

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PS: A lot of you message/d me on facebook, goodreads and twitter etc, I’m just getting around to reading/responding to those today, but know that when I read them and your emails, my spirits buoy and I get ten times the inspiration. Please, feel free to contact me/message me/email me/yell at me any time you want. If i’m late responding, it’s probably because I’ve cut myself off  in order to write. I’m extremely easily distracted by pretties.


edit: Oh yah, my cover for Silent has made it to another round. Only thirty covers left out of I dunno how many hundred started. I’m really excited! You can vote here: Mine is number 398!