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I’ve been getting a constant stream of emails (and vague, but semi-hilarious death threats, on where I am in NSI and how soon we can expect it.

I thought I’d give a little update and, I dunno, dash hopes or give hope? Not sure which this is going to do. I’m sure you’ll tell me in teh comments. Feel free to punch hard. Just, be gentle with the stabby things? =D

So right now, NSI is done–sort of. I had to rewrite approximately 15 chapters (some small rewrites, some large). the problem with rewrites is that I can read something many times and still not see a glaring problem. in order to catch big problems, I need to set aside the chapters for a few weeks and reread them fresh. Which makes for a very long period. In the last case, i found a plot hole that couldn’t be minorly edited. I had to literally revamp the book–conversation edits, scene POV changes etc.

Now that that part is done, I’m moving on to the rest of the chapters and hoping that I don’t have to go back and revamp a third time. I am, thankfully, feeling confident enough to send a few chapters to the copy editor and my pre-beta beta (Sara–of Social Skills fame =D). Feel free to ask her questions about how ridiculous I am with the amount of times I rewrite a scene. She’ll probably be more than happy to rant about it to someone willing to listen haha.

At the time I’m writing this, I’m in major edits of chapter 13 of what is now a 27 chapter, 105k word book, but could drop to 25 chapters(90k) or go up to 30(125k). It’s taken approximately 6 weeks to get this far in the full editing process.

So that’s where i am now. I know that’s a lot of explanation and blah blah blah, but you all deserved to know =).

Some of you may be patient with me, others may be angry–you’ve every right to feel however you feel. I know this is frustrating and there are effigies being stomped on and burned in my image, but I just can’t put a product out there that I don’t wholly believe in. Esp Cai’s book, because Cai was the first character I ever came up with. Whether everyone likes it in the end, I can’t say, but I can say that, when I do publish, it’ll be a book I’m proud of and a story I wanted to tell. And that’s why I’m taking my time (despite the pitchforks at my back *grin*).

Thanks for sticking with me and I’ll try and post more updates as things progress!

PS: If you’d like, I can post a free short story–something of Cai in Europe or Peter/Austin now–if there’s enough interest. It’ll take me away from NSI, but it’ll also be something to read in the meantime? LOL

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