Update (TL;DR: No huge news)

I can’t remember when I started reading Stupid Post it Notes. It was a looooooooong time ago. If you haven’t read it, it’s sort of a rambling mess of cracky awesome teenage angst. SPIN, for short, is a slash fiction story about Seth and Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. That’s his name and I think it says a lot about the story =D. It’s about all I can remember anyway nowadays about it. I can’t even describe what I love/d about it. I just…love it. I’m also someone who rarely reads two types of stories: unfinished ones and YA. SPIN is both of those things.

Way back before trans was something most of us in the slash reading community understood, the author of SPIN was in some kind of kerfuffle about ‘pretending’ to be a guy. I don’t know if that author was/is trans. I can say that I’m now smarter and wouldn’t question such a thing. In fact, I didn’t question it back then either. But a whole lot of other people did and it made the author disappear. I just wanted my story. I wanted my ending. I still, even though I’m subscribed to the story itself, check to see if it’s updated. I mean, I’ll be notified if it is. Fictionpress wouldn’t let me down, would it? GDI I check anyway. All the time. And every time I check, I’m disappointed. And angry. And frustrated. And a little sad.

What I’m saying is, I feel your frustration. I get it. And I don’t blame you one bit.

I’m slow. This process is slow. You have every right to feel frustrated. Angry. Done. Or whatever you feel. The only thing I can do is keep you updated and I’ve been shitty at doing that the last few months. The truth is, I had no news. I have no news now, but I remember just wondering if the author of SPIN had given up. But never quite knowing. I still don’t freaking KNOW! I still hold out hope. Maybe if they’d just come back to say, “I am never working on this again.” or “I need to finish medical school” anything, I would be so happy. (PS: Author, if you’re reading this, I am not saying that I’m entitled to that!)

Now that I read the above, I realize you might be thinking that’s what this post is about. Actually, this post is the opposite of that. I have not given up. I am dedicated to getting this story to you and I will not leave you hanging. I promise. You deserve to not wonder. No limbo for y’all!

For those interested, I can detail what I’m doing atm:

I finally stripped a chapter I was working on after trying to edit it and failing to write one word for nearly two months. That was 3 days ago. Maybe the pressure of knowing I was gonna write this update unblocked me, or maybe tossing that chapter was the trick because I woke up that night at 1:30 in the morning to hand print the scene. It just…came to me. And it works. I have to iron it out more, but it’s the right track. It feels right.

During the two months I didn’t write NSI, I took a deleted chapter from SG and rewrote it. It’s horrible. That’s not just my opinion =D But, I’m going to keep reworking it and see if I can get something to you all. It’ll be a sort of short story about Peter, Darryl and Cai before Austin.

That’s about all the news I have.

My last thing is…about yesterday’s blog post…and that email I sent to, well, you know who you are…and the other person who got my chat messages: Sorry!