Shattered Glass and Not So Innocent Original Cover Art

Back to cover talk (because I’m obsessed with book covers). I thought I’d share some work I had originally commissioned for the covers of my books.

The first drawing was the original cover for Shattered Glass (which had the title of “Just Kiss Me”, but as I got more into the story, the title wasn’t fitting).

The second drawing, if you’ve read Shattered glass (if not don’t read the following spoiler), is the kiss that Cai talks about at the end of the book (it’s also the background image of NSI if you look at the cover closely)

Both drawings were done by Deborah Aguelo whose artwork I cherish and drop jaw over. (ooo that sounds dirty!)

Shattered Glass

Colored by me:

Cai & Riley

Colored by me (also I fixed Cai’s nose and mouth, because I forgot to tell her he has a big nose):