September Update

I wish I could think of something clever and funny atm, but my mind is filled with cotton–or snot that’s dried like cotton around my brain. So, today’s update brought to you by The Gross Unfunny Dani.

I could have updated on the first, except I broke my foot. And after hospital visits and xrays, I thought I’d give it a few days and then write the post. What happened? The EVIL COLD OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION™. The worst cold in the history of colds struck me and my husband at the same time.

I am NOT good at sick. I whine and bitch and moan and so I tend to just shut down and talk to zero people. My entire family and friends have been like “ZOMG ARE YOU OKAY?” because I just haven’t responded to anything with email, twitter, facebook etc. To those of you who worried, I’m sorry. If you want groveling, I’ll hock a loogie on you big enough to use in a horror film.



Meanwhile, I have a ton of news. I finished NSI, but I haven’t done any editing since I did that on the 2nd of Sept. No idea how much editing I have to do, but after looking at one chapter today, it’s a lot. A LOT. I’ll probably have more info when I get a chance to read the last four chapters I wrote. Next things I need to do: edit, send to beta, compile in scrivener for a word count, edit some more, sent to other beta, edit edit some more =p.

Other news:

My cover for Sara Alva’s Silent has been nominated for the cover awards. It’s Rainbow Awards cover contest–the cover is #398 You can vote here: by replying to the post or on the livejournal page, if you have an LJ account.

Not so much my news, but Sara Alva’s Social Skills is out on audiobook! If you’re wondering why I’m announcing this here: For those of you that don’t know, I became friends with Sara because of Social Skills. I stalked emailed her after I read it and fanboi’d all over her face. For some reason, she didn’t take a restraining order out on me and we’ve been friends ever since.

That’s your update for today. Hope your fall is going terrific! For the rest of the day, I’m on a search for my lungs. I think they’re under the sofa along with two boxes of Kleenex.