Say no to Doxxing

I’m going to make this really short and sweet. Remember when The Site That Shall Not Be Named started posting personal information about reviewers, including their pictures etc? That’s called Doxxing. It’s a way of outing people online and bullying them.

The mother of all doxxing came this weekend on Gawker’s website in the form of outing an internet troll and disgusting human being: violentacrez. Mr. Acrez posts creepshots and, yes, even hosts a subsection of reddit where underage kids are objectified. I find Mr. Acrez vile and grotesque. I think his posting of materials is gross, but I do not support doxxing for one simple reason: If we okay it for Violentacrez, we okay it for The Site That Shall Not Be Named.

There are better ways to remove someone like violentacrez and his subreddits. Ways that don’t violate the internet’s privacy aspects. We must protect what we hate in order to protect what we love. This is the essence of free speech, the argument FOR it, if you will. The people who we have to fight most FOR is those who spout crap we hate.

I hope you’ll join me in petitioning Gawker to remove that post, apologize and repudiate doxxing!