Is It a June Update already?!

Okay, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty! Do I have a publication date? No! I don’t.

Am I close to providing one? Yes! Yes I am. I imagine I’ll know once I hire an editor after my alphas have read it in the next 4-16 weeks (no I can’t be more precise +P).

If you’re still reading, I’m going to go into more depth with all the speculation. If you’re pissed and ready to stab me with your stylus, well, aim away from the eyes as I’m learning to paint and I already suck with both intact.


On Tuesday, I’ve promised to send–I’m gonna call her Alpha One–the third or fourth to last chapter of the book. The next three/four chapters will be sent as they’re completed to Alpha One.  This process could be anywhere from 4-16 weeks. Send good vibes my way for four. If you’re wondering how many words or chapters, read the next paragraph. If not, skip!

Technically, by Tuesday, Alpha One will receive chapter 16. But I am probably going to split up chapters when I revise the entire book. Atm, there’s 19 or 20 chapters. I expect that to expand. It’s already contracted too much heh (from 31 to 20). I don’t know how many words because I’ve stopped using Scrivener (a writing program) and started to use word 2013 (Do not buy this. It’s the worst ever and I”m sorry I paid for it! >8(). I’ll guesstimate the wordcount at 90,000 total (depending on how much I cut). So, four more chapters. The last two chapters have taken 3 weeks and 4 weeks/ each, respectively. But, final two chapters (which is final chapter + epilogue) are mapped out pretty well in my head!

That’s where we are with NSI.

What else am I doing? I have another story-fantasy–that I’ve also started with a character named Tom(I don’t have much done on that). Shatterproof has about 5k words written for it and on my downtime.

Well, that’s another issue of Updates from Dani. You can leave the comments down below and, as always, tomatoes thrown will be made into soup–possibly a bisque if I’m feeling fancy and haven’t burned the kitchen down with my other attempts at cooking–and any and all complaints are registered and promptly forgotten.

PS: I dunno if you know this, but I’m always open to questions.


Update Three!

It’s May 1st and there’s snow outside.


Nuff said.


Onto what you’re really wanting to know!

How’s NSI going. Kinda awesomely! I’m working on the last few chapters which had to be extensively rewritten and a few extra scenes my beta recommended. So we’re in the home stretch. No dates yet, sorry, I won’t know that until I have two more beta reads after this one. The last part of the book is going to take longer because I hadn’t touched it since I started treatment. oO The one chapter with which I’ve been working recently has taken nearly 3 weeks. I’m hoping the rest will be easier.

So that’s where we’re at. Meantime, on the sidebar, if you want to see how things are going, I have a wordcount of what I’ve edited and approved so far. (there’s lots that’s not approved, so don’t let the wordcount fool you).

I’m going to make big announcements when I have a date of publication, so subscribe or fb like me or check my twitter or Goodreads or booklikes or, heck, even on my pinterest page, I’ll probably update that too. Whatever you’re comfortable with!

I’m also going to answer any questions you have below(just leave a comment). Feel free to ask me anything–though I won’t give spoilers, so heh, it’ll be generic answers if I feel anything else would reveal too much!

It’s UPDATE day!

It’s been *checks other post* about a month since my last update and I figured that’s about right for a new one. I might do more updates sooner, but I’ll try not to make them longer. I do have news and it’s good, better and meh, depending on your outlook =D To those who loved Shattered Glass, it’s probably rainbows and kittens and glittery fountains of man-sugar falling from the sky and landing naked and tied up on your soft bed…I forgot where I was going with this sentence. Unimportant, because now you’re thinking of naked men falling from the sky and I have you singing It’s Raining Men for the rest of the day.

Mission Accomplished!

And THAT is how it’s done, George.

Now that I made you read that, there’s a tl;dr at the bottom =p

I’ll do Shattered Glass news first. The audiobook for Shattered Glass has been completed and hopefully will be available on audible/itunes/amazon any day now. When it hits, I’m going to be giving away a few copies. Stay tuned.

Speaking of giveaways, I’ve offered signed or unsigned paperbacks or ebooks (unsigned ofc, unless you want to send me your kindles and I’ll draw penises…er, a signature on them.) there’s also 2 vouchers you could win for a copy of NSI. So go comment on the blog if you’re interested: Rainbow Gold Reviews.

Onto the important stuff that I know you’re waiting for: NSI.

How’s that going? Well, actually really well. My main beta reader has had the first 13 chapters and one she has mentioned needing no work! =D A lot of them need a lot of work and the rest need a medium amount of work. I’ve promised her at least a chapter a week…or, um, maybe a week and half, two weeks….two weeks max *cough*. Regular chapters! I’ve promised her regular chapters. So far, I’ve lived up to that! So that’s where we are in the editing/beta process. How it goes from here is this:

She finishes beta’ing the rest of NSI, then I make the changes and then she and another beta get that revised copy. Then I edit those changes. Then my third beta reader gets it–this is my grammar nazi. I edit her changes and then it’s to my hired professional editor and copy editors(the same guy who did SG).

That sounds like an awful lot, but understand that when I decided to self-publish, I wanted my best work out there. When you get NSI, you’ll know that you’re getting something I took pride in creating.

So that’s where we are. I’m going to go hide in the bathroom with my tablet while you throw tomatoes at me for taking so long.


  • giveaway for SG here:
  • NSI months away
  • SG audibook out soon
  • Dani hiding while pitchforks are assembled

The Revision Process: Where the Manuscript Tells You to Go Fuck Yourself

This is the update post, because…stuff and dates.

It’s Monday and my brain’s been on vacation for two days while I updated the site and created a new logo and basically gave my manuscript the finger because it’s being an ass. 

That sounds like bad news, but it’s not (I explain why later) =D. Well, it’s bad news for my beta, because I was supposed to send her stuff to read, but then I started editing and, yeah, SHE GOT NOTHING. I wrote a fuckton last week. But, it’s still frustrating to rewrite, so I took the weekend off.

You’ll have to let me know how you like the site. I’m guessing a whole lot less knowing it cost me a weekend of writing =D.

How many of you are flipping me off right now? >.>

This is all really good news. Here’s why:

  1. I was writing so much last week, I needed to take a break!
  2. I really worried the manuscript was shit but rereading it and editing again made me a lot more comfortable.

But, it’s Monday now and I have to suffer work.

I still don’t have a publication date, but, then again, I’ve only been back on  my feet (mentally) for about six weeks. Don’t panic. I’ll keep updating you guys when I feel like there’s news, and not ‘oh I wrote 1k words today’ news, but actual news. Today that news is: I’ve reached a halfway point on editing and rewriting in just six weeks. This is also my last rewrite/edit before I send it out the first half to beta one! I’m actually forcing myself not to edit yet again and to wait for her notes lol. Why the first half? Because just after I finished the second half (and before I went through plot hole revisions), I got the Stuff I’m Over Talking About But Is Good Reasons For Stuff.

So other things:

I want to write some more posts for y’all. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget that my blog is open to anyone as long as the subject has to do with LGBTQ issues or anything to do with books/writing/publishing. I’ve had guest posters before and the posts have been a big hit. The only thing I’m going to say no about is specific book reviews. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to write something.

My final bit of news (and a surprise at the end of the post) is exciting. I’m having an audiobook made of Shattered Glass. The narrator is fantastic. It’s on a deadline to be finished before summer, but I’ve already listened to up to chapter 19. It’s so good. More news on that when it’s ready.

The last surprise is a small excerpt (very small) from NSI. It’s also subject to editing. (I even had to edit it for the fifth sixth time before I put it up here lol).

Riley went through a series of expressions. Wide eyes, then furrowed brows, then a tentative smile with a curious squint. “Nikolaj?”

Cai couldn’t stop chewing the inside of his mouth and he’d picked the skin around his nails bloody. He hoped his nervousness was mitigating enough that Riley could overlook the stalking. “You said if I needed to talk?”

“That’s why I gave you a phone number. I don’t remember giving out my address,” Riley gently chided with that same relaxed smile he always wore. He leaned against his door jamb and wiped blackened fingers on a dirty oil rag. The smell of diesel snuck outside and got carried off quickly by the wind.

“Later? Um. You can yell? I hope.” Deep breaths. “I was hoping later you could be angry. I…um…I really need to talk to someone who treats me like an adult.”

After a few seconds of silence, Riley moved aside in invitation. “I’m working on a car. It’ll have to be while I do that.”

“I like working on cars. It’s cathartic.”

“You know about cars?”

Why was everyone so surprised when he told them that? Did he look like someone who couldn’t know about cars? Briefly, he checked a small mirror on Riley’s unpainted walls. Lots of paint he’d missed in the shower. Scraggly random facial hair he’d forgotten to shave. That seemed like every mechanic he’d worked with. Maybe he should have worn one of Austin’s baseball caps? “I worked at…at Iss’s autobody last summer and a little during the winter break.”

The oil rag hit his chest. He grappled and caught it, blinking furiously.

“The stalking conversation is on hold, not dead. You understand?”

“Um…yes?” He bounced up on his toes and tried to hide his grin by staring at the floor.


Riley’s living room disappeared, leaving him scrambling. Julian tapped his knee.“Cai! Earth to Cai!”

“Sorry. What?”

“I asked why you’re into this bloke? Seems a right cunt.”

Julian earned a slap from Rachel for that. “A cunt is not a bad word, you panty stain.”

“Twat? Don’t hit me again!” Julian dodged another blow. “Nob, okay? Why are you into this nob?”

“Nikolaj, it’s important you understand we can be friends. Nothing else.”

“And he’s gone again.”

“I’m here.” Cai traced the path of a falling drop of water. “I know him, inside and out. He wasn’t himself tonight. It’s hard to believe now, but once upon a time, he became my best friend. ”

Extra From Shattered Glass NSFW