Notes of the Kindred–A Request From Laddie

Laddie from Scent Pig Fame has asked me to post this here. As a writer with a character with bipolar and over the course of my interviews and research with people dealing with bipolar, I was excited and honored to post this request. I hope many of you will share your stories. 

Project Notes of the Kindred

A call for submissions

Notes of the Kindred is a project that will give a voice to anyone whose life has been touched by mental illness, mood disorders and brain disorders.

This is the first call for submissions to the Notes of the Kindred blog. The blog will consist of letters, videos and accompanying art work from the mentally ill, their family, friends, loved ones and supporters. If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone the posts on the Notes of the Kindred blog will help you know that you’re not alone.

Submission Guidelines

-Submissions can be anonymous

-The verbal and/or written part of the submission should start as if in letter form (example: Dear insert name here). It can address anyone; a person, a group or even the world if you want it to.

-Submissions can cover any part of your experience(s) with mental illness, mood disorders and brain disorders.

-Submissions can be as long or as short as you want.

-There can be accompanying art work. Original videos can also be submitted.

For video submissions: Please create the video on YouTube and include the link to your email in your submission video. It can even be a video of you reading your submission.

-All submissions should be sent to with “Project Notes of the Kindred Submission” in the subject line.


Please contribute to Project Notes of the Kindred. We’re a community and this blog is a way to let our community’s voice be heard.

**The blog is under construction right now as submissions are collected. The blog address is

Keep an eye out for the blog’s opening.