Not So Innocent

Coming Soon

Not So Innocent by Dani AlexanderFresh out of The Academy, FBI Agent Riley Cordova is assigned to protect the infamous ‘Baby Capone’, son and murderer of one of Florida’s most notorious mobsters. But Nikolaj Strakosha isn’t at all what he expects. Sixteen, charming and whip-smart, Nikolaj is instantly loveable—in a brotherly way. Over the course of two years, Riley’s feelings deepen toward Nikolaj, becoming anything but fraternal.

Intellectually and artistically gifted, yet emotionally immature, Nikolaj ‘Cai’ Strakosha engenders protective feelings in nearly everyone he meets—much to his frustration. At sixteen, his attempt to rebel results in a series of heartbreaking events that brings Agent Riley Cordova into his life, and into his heart. But Riley treats him as gingerly as everyone else. Two years later, Cai rebels again. This time the stakes are even higher, the danger more significant, and Cai knows exactly what he’s getting himself into.

When Cai returns after a year abroad, he has a hit man and secrets riding hard on his trail. If Riley thought avoiding romance with the boy was difficult, the man Cai has grown into is a force stronger than a hurricane.


  • Tiger

    I’m so looking forward to this!

    • =) Hope you enjoyed. Am working hard on the story too! I promise.

  • Anita Mann

    I’m really excited about this!

    • Awesome, Anita. Me too. Cai is a lot of bundled emotion, but he’s fun to write. Thanks for reading <3

  • Sandra Piacenti

    Can’t wait….Exciting!!!!!

  • Julia

    This is amazing already! I’m super excited for this book to come out 🙂

    • Thank you, Julia. Really appreciate that =) I’m excited too!

  • Lacey

    I seriously can’t wait for this book! The excerpt is so interesting. Cai’s POV is going to be awesome to read 🙂

    • Cai has an interesting POV =) His mind is so eclectic! Writing it is not easy. But I’m glad you’re looking forward to being in it haha.

  • Anke

    Hey, a first excerpt! It’s great 🙂 Looks like writing is going well!

    • Thanks, Anke. The writing is going slowly, but I’m working on it =) Hope you’re still going to beta for me when the book is done =)

      • Anke

        I’m totally looking forward to it:)

  • sal

    🙂 really looking forward to the finished book! Totally surprised to see email today. Great surprise!

  • LissaL

    Amazing!!! I really can’t wait for this book to come out. I cannot imagine how difficult the writing must be to try to capture the inner workings of a savant and someone grappling with “controlled” Tourette’s….but you’re nailing it. Can’t wait. You had me misting up with just the prologue.

    • Thanks so much, Lissa. Cai’s inner workings are incredibly hard to both write and listen to. =) I’m so glad you liked it! (and I’d feel bad about you misting up, but I did too! Misery & company and all that haha)

      • LissaL

        Are you kidding…a really good book is supposed to make you either cry or laugh. It’s a good thing!!

  • Carnell

    Wow! That was so good, angsty but angsty good. Thank you so much Dani. I loved it, i love Cai and Riley seems kind of awesome 🙂
    And wasn’t the pic of Cai and Riley on you site the take of this scene? I was reading and seeing them in front of m’y eyes *sigh*
    Cannot wait to read it 😉

    • Aw, thanks, Carnell <3 I'm so glad you liked it. And yeah, that is the scene from the original planned cover of NSI =D Good memory!

  • I can’t wait for this book. I absolutely LOVED Shattered Glass! I have never laughed my way through a book like I did that one. Love Cai!

    • So glad you enjoyed SG! Less laughter in this one, but probably more of other things. Cai’s a sweet sort of crazy, dark guy–I love him too =)

  • Laura

    I am SO excited about this book. Shattered Glass is my ABSOLUTE favorite book in this genre. Ever since I read it I I’ve been obsessively checking for when Not So Innocent was going to be released. I love Cai and can’t wait to read his story- the preview was great.

    • OH wow, Laura, that’s so kind of you to say =) I hope to have a release date soon. I’ll know more once it’s finished being written and revised a few times <3

  • Russ

    God i cant wait for this book to come out i hope its soon

  • DarkM

    Very impatiently waiting for this one :))

    • Hurrying, but also being careful! Hope you enjoy it, Megs. <3

  • Dee

    OMG can’t wait for this!!! Shattered Glass was so wonderful from beginning to end and I fell in love with all the secondary characters but Cai was one of my favorites.

    • Thanks so much, Dee! I’m excited for his story too. <3 Glad you enjoyed this little preview.

  • euridice

    aaargh, I’m already heartbroken for both of them and it’s just the prologue… can’t wait for this book to be out!

    • Oh noes! *quickly reassembles Euridice* Don’t fall apart yet =D <3 Really glad you liked it though!

  • Yay!! This is so exciting. This preview is great Dani. Can’t wait for the full story. I know it’s going to be awesome. *doing a happy dance*

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Alicia =) <3 I'm excited for their story too =)

  • I am literally holding my breath (well, I guess not LITERALLY lol!) waiting for this. Seriously can’t wait and I JUST finished Shattered Glass and I will be rereading it tonight and then waiting….for not long right?? *grins*

    • Eep! Don’t hold your breath for that long lol. Thanks for the kind words <3 I'm working on it =) Promise!

  • Shannon Sherman

    I’ve read Shattered Glass 4 times. It’s so funny and smart and sexy. Best book I’ve read in a long time. Anxiously anticipating the next book!

    • Wow, four times! That’s so amazingly humbling. Thank you so much, Shannon. Hope the next one is just as readable for you =) <3

  • Vickie C

    I think I have reread Shattered Glass at least 3 times and parts of it 5 or 6 times. ;-). I adore Austin and Peter. Austin is a funny smartass and Peter is such a sweet heart and real caregiver. My only complaint was the final consummation of their relationship was skipped. Lord, the scene in the alley was, as Peter said, “Now that was hot”!

    I can not wait for Cai’s story. I just loved his character. The combination of genius with child like innocent and adult awareness was so sweet. I am interested to read more about what type of character Riley is and his back story as well as what Cai was upto in Europe.

    Please write faster!!

    • I’m so grateful for people like you, Vicki. And so humbled. =D Glad you liked the alley scene. It’s one of my favorites.
      I promise that I’ll write as fast as I can! I promise. Thanks so much for the kind words and the encouragement!

  • veggieg

    Ever since I read Shattered Glass, I’ve anticipating its second book. Cai’s very intrigued charater in the first book so I know his own story good be an interesting one. So best wish with your writing, I’ll be waiting !

    • Thanks so much, veggieg =) Really glad that you enjoy Cai so much. What makes him so interesting to you, is probably what makes him so frustrating to write for me LOL. I appreciate the wishes and I hope that the wait won’t be in vain!

  • Nikki L

    Ahhh, i LOVED Shattered Glass! Have been so excited for Cai’s story since i found out there was going to be one. Can’t wait for this to come out <3

    • Aww =D Thanks so much, Nikki! I’m really glad you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll like NSI as well. =) Thanks for your support!

  • Shonna

    So when will this book be released?! I’ve been checking for months lol!!

    • Sorry! I’m working on it =) Hopefully it’ll be ready soon!

  • Louise Southwick

    Wow! So looking forward to this story. I too have read Dhattered Glass many times; 5, 6, I’ve lost count. 🙂 Anxious to read Riley and Nicolaj’s story. I like that Riley calls Cai Nicolaj rather than his nickname. I am glad that you are making progress with this story. I agree that Cai is an intriguing character but I can see how he would be frustrating to write. Our Cai, so unique!

    • =D Thanks so much, Louise. I love that you picked up on the nickname stuff. It’s going to be semi-important point in NSI. Glad you’re coming along for the ride.

  • Tina Adamski

    I haven’t read through all the posts, but do we have an ETA on NSI yet?

    • Dear Tina, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have an ETA. I’m writing furiously though, so I hope soon! <3 I will make an announcement on my blog and twitter when I have a closer idea of a date <3 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Adam

    gahhhh!! lol im so excited about this book. i really hope ur creative juices are flowing and we’ll see this book in the next 2-3 months. good luck =D

    • Thanks so much, Adam! I’m excited about it too. So much so that I’m writing to the exclusion of everything else =D It’s amazing how quickly the time passes. Argh! *goes off to write write write*

  • Katie Bobb

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I come back and reread this tease every so often while waiting for the release of your amazing book. 🙂 Thanks for working hard and making it better before releasing it. I love your work.

    • Doh! I thought I had responded to this, but the comment must have gotten eaten oO Thanks so much for the compliment and the kind words. I was really nervous about posting this =D Glad you came back to read it! Seems I made the right choice by posting it *grin*

  • Katie Bobb

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! I come back and reread this tease every so often while waiting for the release of your amazing book. 🙂 Thanks for working hard and making it better before releasing it. I love your work.

    • <3 I dunno how I missed this comment, but Thank you, Katie Bobb! That's so encouraging and inspiring to hear!

  • Lege Artis

    Hi,Dani! In my country is 3 am now, I just finished your book and had to say I loved it. Your writing is just captivating. I read m/m a lot and although Peter and Austin relationship is beautiful and hot,you touched my heart with boys and their stories.I am a lawyer, but I do nonprofit cases for assault crime victims,so I have soft spot for young ones with grown-up eyes. Thank you for introducing them to us.:)

    • Hey Lege,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I’m sorry the book kept you up so late 😉
      I’m in awe of what you do for a living! You’re doing a great service. =)

  • Impish

    This says “Coming in 2012” I take it that is not going to happen?

  • rdafan7

    I just bought my “Shattered Glass” paperback from Amazon, (had the PDF but wanted a PB to re-read) and did not even know a sequel was in the works!!! YAY, I’m patient, I can wait………..(love the new cover)

    • =D There’s nothing like owning a paperback book! =) Thanks for being patient and stickign with me.

  • SC Lancaster

    I hope the writing is going well and not stressing you out! I’m one of the many fans that keeps checking back for an ETA… are you still planning for it to come out before the end of the year? Would be the BEST Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (fill in your preferred holiday here…) present EVER! I was honestly hoping for you to release it on Dec 10th (Human Rights Day) but I know you’re probably still working your poor fingers to the bone as it is… Well, good luck and happy writing!

    • The writing is going better and still stressful, but in a good way =). I’m, at this point, very doubtful it’ll come out before the end of the year. It would have been a great present to give everyone, not to mention good for me to relax over the holidays LOL I’ll try and keep everyone updated once it’s out of my hands and into my editor’s hands =D Hope that helps and thanks for keeping in touch!

      • SC Lancaster

        Gah! Okay so I’m feeling a ‘lil bit like a virtual stalker…. I keep checking back here to see if you post a “Okay you fools, NSI is ready, you may now feast upon it’s goodness!” post… hehe

        And please don’t take this as additional pressure. Just thought I’d share a little of my eagerness… which I’m sure you’re aware of by now…. since I’ve mentioned it before…. and since I’ve asked about the release…. and… Anyway, I should probably just shut up now. lol

        Happy editing and hope you’re not too stressed out!

        • <3 LOL I swear I'll make a big bold announcement when I have a release date. I don't think anyone will miss it. I'll be so relieved to be done, I might rent out a billboard on Times Square haha

          • SC Lancaster

            Oh man, slowly dying…. losing the will to live…. need update on NSI… Stat! *wink* hehe

            Hope you’re doing well and that the edits aren’t killing you… My poor kindle has been bereft of truly GOOD books the last few months. A bit of nice fluff here and there, a few moderately decent reads, but nothing that makes me want to jump and dance with joy. Or sob uncontrollably. Or pee my pants with laughter. Lord, I sound like an incontinent bi-polar wack-a-do don’t I? I guess if the shoe fits…. 😉

          • Ahh I’ll update before you sob/laugh into a mess! Right now I’ve sent chapter 1 to my copy editor–I’m working on getting him chapter 2 soon! So I’ll be done self-editing soon and then I just have to wait for his and then, after him, my line/content editor. I’m trying to hurry, but at the same time, I’m not–I just want it good enough.

  • Bridget A

    Dani what ebook sites will offer NSI for purchase when it is ready for publication? I bought Shattered Glass on Smashwords in epub format.

    • I’ll put it pretty much everywhere I can. Barnes & Noble, Amazon (ebook and paperback will be here), Smashwords, createspace (paperback), and Kobo books. I’m still looking into, so I may add it there as well. =) Hope that helps!

  • Wicked

    Any news on NSI?

    • Just that it’s in the early stages of self-editing. I’m rewriting a lot and filling in plot holes that I find. I wish I had better news =( Sorry! I’ll try and keep everyone updated once it’s moving past my hands and into the editor I hired =D

      • Wicked

        So that means the story is complete and you just got straighten it up a bit right?

        • The story is complete–sort of?. LOL I rewrite a lot so it’s complete but before I send it to both my editors, I tend to chuck and rewrite a lot.

          • Wicked

            Sort of??? LIE to me Dani!! LOL Nah I’m just messin with ya but thanks for letting us know how everything is going. I really appreciate that. I’m just so pumped for this book. Have a Safe New Years. 🙂

  • Glendadek


    I loved “Shattered Glass”. Fell in live with the characters-can’t wait for Cai’s book

    • =D thanks so much! Really glad you enjoyed it. Cai’s book is mid-self-editing lol so hope it connects with you too (when it’s ready!)

  • Stace

    I am re reading SHATTERED GLASS ,so I am all refreshed when this book comes out (which to everyone who thinks a writter can just pop off a book over night that is the crap books not this author) I had a good run and now the last couple of weeks every book I pick up is Blah Blah crap lol. That is when I go and reread my favorites and give those authors time to replenish the great book pool : ) Happy Holidays and may you never have writters block that (kind of benifits everyone)

    • Happy Holidays to you too and I hope that my writer’s block stays away lol. It’s been on and off again, like a person, visiting randomly. It helps when I have supportive people like you though! Thanks for being patient and sending good thoughts! They’re always appreciated.

  • pinkprincess61

    Take your time….we all understand that *you* have to be happy with it before you release it to the hoardes!

    • Thanks <3 It's so great to have readers that are patient with my writing process! I dunno what I'd do without nice people like y'all!

  • Marie-Andrée

    I Dani, When will we have the pleasure of being Not so innocent on kindle? I hope it’ll be soon!! but I know that with your talwnt it’ll be great like SG. Hope your holidays were good.

    • Hey Marie, I don’t have a release date just yet, but I’m working hard on the edits. Thank yo for the lovely comments and I hope your holidays were lovely as well =) <3

  • Sheila

    When can I buy this book soon….please

    • Soon, I hope! I’m in the process of editing and rewriting atm! Cross your fingers =D?

  • Graeme Beckwith

    OMG Dani, I can hardly wait for Not So Innocent!!! Your talent for writing is outstanding and I can hardly wait for the release of what I’m sure will be another raging success. I haven’t yet found another book that i enjoyed as much as Shattered Glass. Please hurry.

    • Graeme, Thank you SO SO much! I’m hurrying as fast as I can. Stick with me? =D

  • Abbey

    Just finished Shattered Glass. It was fabulous! I live in Capitol Hill so I really enjoyed the Denver setting. Anxiously awaiting the next book.

    • Oh great =) I loved CapHIll and lived there most of my adult life until I moved away. Denver is the best city!

      Really glad that the setting and the book connected with you <3. Thanks for reading.

  • Draig

    Any News on ETA on the next book?

    • No news, I’m afraid. Still workign on getting a well-edited book out. (content editing mostly at this point. I’m going to let my first editor worry about the grammar heh.) I promise I’ll post something when i”m close to release!

  • Adam

    Update please?

    • Update…hm. Well, I’ve rewritten about 15k words and cut about 1500 more. I’m in the midst of fixing a major plothole that I didn’t see at first so working that through and I’m bald on the left side of my head from pulling out hair from frustration =D That probably didn’t help much? I don’t want to give any specific dates yet. I’ve already disappointed people and getting their hopes up with another failed date isn’t something I can do =)

      I’m working hard, I promise.

      • Adam

        lol you do what you have to do. In the mean time, I’ll check back on this page every few days like an OCD maniac =D

  • Patricia Lambert

    Hi Dani
    Just found out there’s a sequel on the way! So happy! Read and re-read Shattered Glass and recommended it to friends, who also love it. Yay you! Shall wait patiently – an artist can’t be hurried 🙂

    • =D <3 Thanks, Patricia. Love that you re-read books like I do! (and also that you're so understanding LOL) I appreciate the kind words. They're very motivating!

  • Hi Dani,

    I just wanted to say that I loved Shattered Glass so very much. I’m getting ready to read it again as it was put in my forever keeper collection about 5 seconds after I finished it the first time almost a year ago. The characters reeled me in, and my heart got attached to quick that I was sad enough when I finished it. I tried to drag the final chapters out as I just wasn’t ready to finish it. I can’t wait for your Not So Innocent like everyone else…..*S*

    Thank you writing such a wonderful story and memorable characters who have found a plce in my heart. 🙂
    Wishing you all the best, and continued success!


    • Oh, Darcy, thanks so much for the awesome words. You’ve really made my day with this comment <3

  • gigi

    Just finished Shattered Glass for the second time and I have to say that it is in my top 5 of my favorite books. I can not tell you how many strange looks I received after laughing out loud in public, in some really inappropriate places too…so thanks for that. Anxiously waiting on Not So Innocent. Did I mention I was anxious? Really anxious?

    • Hey Gig, Thanks so much and…I’m sorry? for making people stare at you funny. (Spoiler: I’m not sorry!). I AM sorry you’re anxious, though. I’m working on it. I promise!

  • Bridget A

    Dani I voted to have you keep rewriting/editing NSI; I fell in love with your characters as well as your writing style in Shattered Glass, so I’ve decided to have the patience of a saint when it comes to anything you publish. However, I wouldn’t be averse to reading a little Peter & Austin appetizer AFTER you hand off NSI to the powers that be! Love you Dani…. thank you for writing for all of us out here in the haze.

    • Thanks, Bridget =D I really appreciate the love and the shout outs! It’s awesome t hear people love the characters I create. Looks like that appetizer will be AFTER NSI lol

  • who is the third book about ?? i stayed up all nite reading shattered glass couldnt put it down !!

    • Hey Torchwood! Glad you enjoyed SG. =) Book three will be Darryl’s book =)

  • Wicked

    N E News?

    • Hey Wicked, I seem to have missed a lot of comments. >8( I did an update a few weeks ago, so there’s a small news bit in there.

      • Wicked

        Wow Really How did I miss it? I’ve been watching you like a hawk :P.

  • Lindah

    Just finished Shattered Glass and looking forward to NSI- your writing is wonderful!

    • Thanks so much. I’m sorry for missing your comment for so long. I didn’t get a message about it. Really appreciate the compliment =)

  • Ksant

    No wonder I’m so confused. I was under the impression that Not so Innocent was already published.(insert duhhh moment here). Can’t wait for the release I’m more than sure it’ll be mind blowing. =)

  • Like everyone here, I’m a huge fan of Shattered Glass and can’t wait for Not So Innocent. Do you have any sense of timing? Thanks for a great book!

    • Hey Gerrette, for some reason notification of messages didn’t happen with yours. I”m really sorry. Thank yo so much for the nice comments and I did an update a few weeks ago as to where I am in the writing =) <3

  • Andrea Majeres

    I absolutely adored Shattered Glass!! It was a breath of fresh air, especially because lately all of the books I have read were horrible…so thank you for reminding me of why I love to read!! =) Oh! And also do you know when Not So Innocent will be available on Kindle?
    Keep up the great writing!!

    • Hey Andrea. Thank you for the awesome, lovely compliments. I’m blushin! Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad luck with books.

      I’m not sure about when NSI will be published. I usually keep my blog updated with as much information that I can. <3


    HI Dani

    I absolutely loved Shattered Glass what an amazing book. It’s one of my all-time favourites.
    So much so, I have been gushing about it to all of my friends.
    I was surprised the other day when it happened to be my birthday and I opened my presents to find a pair of FRICKIN FLUFFY BUNNY SLIPPERS they were the best present ever!!!!!
    I seriously can’t wait for Cai’ s story please tell me it’s not much longer.
    Oh…. who’s the hottie on the Shatterproof cover……do tell?

    LISA x

  • cLxsebi

    i am halfway through shattered glass 1 and i love love love austin, poor him but i love him him him him and his bunny slipper kink…. nyahahahahaha…. i am starting to really really really like you coz of your humor and witty dialogues… makes me laugh makes me smile… it’s not always that i am excited to go home to just read the book im currently reading coz im excited on what will happen next… i am very excited for this, it’s not out yet though???? ‘coming soon 2012’ but it’s half way in 2013 already…. sorry im a new fan so i am quite innocent with ur book update… the excerpt is ansty! poor cai my babes… i like him even in the first book… i love that his IQ is high and the people that surrounds him is average.. nyahahahahaha…. ok now i stop talking… plz plz plz praying to be the sequel to be out…. plz plz plz…..

    • Hey Sebi, thank you so much for the comments. I’m really glad you love Austin. he’s a hard character to love, so when he gets any, I’m very happy lol. I’m glad I made you laugh, it’s the single best goal I have in life. I’m sorry that NSI isn’t out yet. I’m definitely trying to rectify that! I’ll do my best!

  • Joe Geppert

    Just finished Shattered Glass I really enjoyed it and well, now I want more more more. I’m looking forward to when Not so Innocent is released. Is there a way to know when I can purchase this? Thank you for writing this wonderful story I enjoyed it so much. Joe

    • Hey Joe, Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it. If you subscribe to my blog, I’ll announce when it’s out and also any updates. The RSS button at the top works. Or, you can find me on facebook and twitter: @mallytweets. I’m also on Goodreads. I’ll announce everywhere =D. -Dani

  • Anitha Jennifer

    Damn it. I stuck at using technology, i say ( i just found the excerpt) :/ and i love it !! i’ve written and published a book myself and that really helps me understand how wonderful your writing is 🙂 Creating characters like Peter and Cai must have been quite fun 🙂 I can’t wait for your book man. !! 🙂

    • I apparently suck at technology too. I just saw this comment! oO Thank you for writing it! <3 Glad you liked the excerpt! I love all my characters, but Peter, Cai and Darryl and Austin were probably the most fun. Angelica was too, actually. And Rosafa..Oh, who am I kidding. I like them all LOL

  • szeszter

    I read the exerpt to not so innocent, and I am really looking forward to reading the rest. Cai and Riley are going to be amazing together… I hope 🙂

    • I’mm really sorry i didn’t see this comment until just now. >8( Thank you for stopping by the blog and I’m really glad you liked the excerpt! Cai and Riley ARE amazing together. And frustrating. And having to overcome some serious hurdles! It’s not an easy romance. But who likes easy? =D

  • Mini R Lombardi

    Oh. my. God! Now I really need to re-read Shattered glass, which I just finished reading yesterday and loved! 🙂

    • Thanks, Mini! I love that you’re rereading it LOL! That’s awesome.

  • John

    Hi Dani,

    Words cannot describe how much I love Shattered Glass. It was a breath of fresh air for me. I really love the way you write. I can already see your book moving up in Goodreads. Cmon! When are you releasing NOT SO INNOCENT??! 🙂 Anyway, you are awesome! I pray to the universe that you will blessed with happiness!

    • I’m so sorry I haven’t responded tot his comment. I apparently missed all the replies to this thread for 3 months >8( Stupid email. Thank you so much for the comment! I”m so glad you enjoyed SG. It’s a shock to me how far it’s risen on Goodreads. It makes me want to finish my next story immediately! I’m trying to write. I promise! You just made me grin so hard though. Thank you!

  • Josee

    I just finished Shattered Glass and I -OH! I just realized… Glass, it’s Austin! – anyway just finished it and loved it. I grieve the absence of the characters, I love them all. Thank you for writing it.

    I am, of course, looking forward to finding them again in NSI.


    • Thank you so much! No need to grieve =D they live on each time you read it. And at some point, I’m hoping to write more about them in particular (after I’ve finished NSI!)

  • Vivian

    Hello…? Please, pretty please.

    • Nothing yet! Sorry =( SOon maybe! Keep your fingers crossed. Things are definitely better around here. =D

  • Ashen

    Has there been any updates lately? I just finished SG and am now hopelessly head-over-feet for these characters. It’s causing me nearly physical pain not to offer any words of empathy, Ms. Alexander. I do hope you realize. T.T So instead, in the spirit of your instructions – here’s a snapshot of Luke Mitchell (Bribes are entirely acceptable for information, right? Right?)

    • One new update on my blog. Hopefully even more soon! And hell yes, bribes are acceptable. Esp those kinda bribes! *drools*

  • Kim

    I never write feedback to authors of books that I have read. Even to the authors I very much enjoy. However, I just finished Shattered Glass and I had to respond. I literally inhaled this book. I missed my train stop because I was paying too much attention to the Austin/Peter dynamic. Thinking back on the book now, some of the plot seemed a little contrived, but girl you had me hook, line, and sinker. Half-way through you could have said “And then Austin lost both him arms” and I would have not questioned it for a second. Please never lose that amazing wit of yours. I will be waiting with baited breath for NSI. Take your time and take care of yourself. As excited as I am for NSI, I’ll probably pee myself when Darryl’s story comes out. So whatever you have to do to make that happen is good by me.

    I’ll sit patiently and send all the best wishes I can your way. I know this stuff takes time. But most of the time, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

    • Thank you =D it’s so awesome you took the time to write this. My grin is so big right now! (ps: it’s boy =D). Wait…Austin didn’t lose both his arms? DAMN, I knew I forgot something. And you’re not the only one waiting for Darryl. My betas for NSI I believe are reading it just so I’ll get to Darryl’s book lol.

    • JillW

      I know what you mean about getting lost in the story. I was at a baseball game and then a softball game and read right through them while sitting in the stands. I don’t care, it was so worth it.

  • Ashley W.

    “Soon” isn’t soon enough! I need this now!

    • I’m trying! I promise =D <3 Now I'm done with all stuffs that took focus away from the important stuff: finishing this book! I'm editing and writing my butt off!

  • JillW

    I hope you haven’t given up on this. 😀 I just finished Shattered Glass – I loved it!!

    • Not even close =) I would never give up on Cai. this book will be written even if I’m dead! (forgive my morbid humor =D?)

  • Susan Rigby

    Okay, so I just finished Shattered Glass, and as much as my heart just about stopped several times, I really enjoyed it. Don’t want to push, but was just wondering if Not so innocent was out yet?

  • Corinne

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    I just found out about your recent illness and how you came through. Hope you stay well and healthy!!!

    • Hey Andrea, Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt and SG! Hopefully, I won’t keep you waiting long for the release =) I’m staying as healthy as possible! =D

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    • Hey Nunuk, I”m afraid it’s not out yet. I regularly update the blog with my progress on writing. If you subscribe here (or on twitter/facebook/goodreads), you can be notified immediately on when it’s available.

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  • justsam matthew


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