Not So Innocent

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Not So Innocent by Dani AlexanderFresh out of The Academy, FBI Agent Riley Cordova is assigned to protect the infamous ‘Baby Capone’, son and murderer of one of Florida’s most notorious mobsters. But Nikolaj Strakosha isn’t at all what he expects. Sixteen, charming and whip-smart, Nikolaj is instantly loveable—in a brotherly way. Over the course of two years, Riley’s feelings deepen toward Nikolaj, becoming anything but fraternal.

Intellectually and artistically gifted, yet emotionally immature, Nikolaj ‘Cai’ Strakosha engenders protective feelings in nearly everyone he meets—much to his frustration. At sixteen, his attempt to rebel results in a series of heartbreaking events that brings Agent Riley Cordova into his life, and into his heart. But Riley treats him as gingerly as everyone else. Two years later, Cai rebels again. This time the stakes are even higher, the danger more significant, and Cai knows exactly what he’s getting himself into.

When Cai returns after a year abroad, he has a hit man and secrets riding hard on his trail. If Riley thought avoiding romance with the boy was difficult, the man Cai has grown into is a force stronger than a hurricane.