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To celebrate the release of Kick Start, Book 5 in the Dangerous Ground series by Josh Lanyon, the Fanyons have taken to the interwebz and commandeered various blog sites – have YOU read this series? Here, to tempt and tease, is Dianne – and she will tell you a little bit about the very first book in this wonderful series :

Why this reader believes you should delve into Josh Lanyon’s “Dangerous Ground”

Extolling the high regard I have for one of my favorite Josh Lanyon books? Definitely not dangerous ground! (Hey, I never claimed to be a writer!)The following thoughts sum up my gut feelings about this book, one which just so happens to be the launching point of an incredibly captivating and fun series.

The blurb about this book certainly provides the gist of the storyline: two men work through differing feelings about their interpersonal relationship, while fighting for their lives in the midst of solving a crime in the wilderness. I’m here to tell you, Mr. Lanyon takes those bare bones and fleshes them out like no other! He starts by giving us vivid portrayals of Will and Taylor, the two distinctive and dauntless men at the center of Dangerous Ground. These two men are partners working for a government security agency. Each has his own unique redeeming charms, and his “I’d like to throttle you” qualities. They are hot, they are bad ass, and they always perform their job in total sync with each other. I love this.

Like all good things, their harmonious relationship is about to have a wrench thrown into it. In a nutshell, Taylor realizes he is in love with Will. Will won’t allow his self to consider this possibility, at least not consciously. Sound cliché? Not in the gifted hands of Mr. Lanyon! Both men are brought to life brilliantly as Mr. Lanyon leads the reader into their minds, and – although it takes knocking down some walls – into their hearts. The complexity of Will and Taylor’s differing personalities and emotions play out against what was designed to be a peaceful backdrop, but turns into anything but. Dangerous ground is indeed a metaphor for Will and Taylor’s state of mind as well as the mountain setting the story takes place in. The rugged wilderness backdrop of the story is effectively brought to life and becomes a character in its own right. We have a front row seat into Will and Taylor’s thoughts as life threatening circumstances force them to re-examine and confront their feelings – and actually talk to each other about them! The witty dialogue is brilliant, raw, often times fun, and divulges much about each man’s disposition. I love this.

Both men arrive at realizations which attach new stakes to their actions. Will and Taylor need to utilize all of their combined skills in besting the criminals if they hope to make it out alive and explore the new course of their relationship This makes for some awesome, nail biting, edge of your seat style page turning action. When reading this book I’m right there alongside the guys, feeling what they are feeling – their confusion, their despair, their pain, their anger, their hopelessness, their hopefulness, their passion. I love this.

With this story, Josh Lanyon demonstrates mastery at exploring and exposing the human condition through complex and flawed characters. Once laid bare, he also leaves them in each other’s tender care. I love this.

So, I invite you to settle in and enjoy this explosive first in a series of marvelously written stories. Follow Will and Taylor as they discover just what it means to love and be loved, while juggling everything else that their hazardous profession, and life in general, throws at them. Their turbulent journey is definitely fertile ground for the reader. Hallowed ground for this one.

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About the Book :

Series : Dangerous Ground, Book 5

Author : Josh Lanyon

Publisher : Just Joshin

Release Date : December 1 , 2013

Pages : 128 pages (e-book)

Blurb : Will is finally braced to bring Taylor home to meet the folks. Unfortunately, not every member of the Brandt clan loves Taylor the way Will does. Then again, not everyone loves the Brandts. In fact, someone has a score to settle — and too bad for any former DS agents who get in the way when the bullets start to fly.

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About the Author

josh lanyonA distinct voice in gay fiction, multi-award-winning author Josh Lanyon has been writing gay mystery and romance for over a decade. In addition to numerous short stories, novellas, and novels, Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English series, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT Fiction and a Lambda Literary Award finalist for Gay Mystery. Josh is also the author of the definitive M/M writing guide Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Fiction for Kinks and Ca$h.

But, really…do you care? Probably not. More to the point, Josh writes gay or M/M romance — usually within the context of a mystery / romantic-suspense or action – adventure. Lanyon’s particular brand of erotic romance features sexy cops and smartass writers, tough Navy SEALs and sensitive artists, hard as nail special agents and…other hard as nails special agents. Josh is an EPPIE Award winner and a three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his Significant Other. You can find out more at the Just Joshin blog on Livejournal/Blogspot or through Josh’s mailing list.

You can also find Josh at :


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