It’s Friday the 13th of July and I Have Bad News

There is no delicate way to say this, so I’ll be hiding under my desk after you read it. I just threw out my entire progress on Not So Innocent. 60k words and I couldn’t do it. This, ultimately, means that I have to push back the date of release. But it also means that the final product will be better. There are great parts of it, and I’ll be salvaging those, so at least that’s a comfort (small one, I know).

I could make all kinds of excuses and give you a full rundown of reasons. There is only one reason though: It’s not good enough and if I’m bored reading it, I can’t imagine putting it in front of anyone’s eyes. Better to scrap it all and start again, pulling out all those parts that excited me and putting them in an entire story that works.

I’m resetting time-period of future release to Fall/Winter 2012 (because I need some kind of a deadline or I’ll just take forever), but not a specific date. I hope you’ll all forgive me and know that it’s because I care the story’s integrity more than I care about a deadline.

In closing, here is a picture of Boy, our dog.



Please remember, should you feel the urge to find me and throw darts at my head, he needs BOTH his parents.