Four Weddings and a Funeral – Why so forgotten?

In 1994, ten years exactly after a sitting president mentioned the word AIDS for the first time, and eleven years after I lost my first friend to it, I saw the second movie depicting a life-long, monogamous gay relationship in a positive light. The first one was Philadelphia. A movie which, for me, had such a depressing end, I literally stopped watching anything with gay characters for a year. Until Four Weddings and a Funeral dropped in my lap.

I had no idea it had gay characters. And such rich beautiful gay men too. I wonder, why are those characters so forgotten on sites like afterelton or other polling agencies. Why haven’t these two made the cut as famous, beautifully depicted gay couples? Is it because they weren’t beautiful themselves? To me they were. By the end of the movie, I could happily have been with either one of them. Neither would have been my type originally, but that quickly changed. It also taught me a lot about beauty and about how someone can become more beautiful when you fall in love with them.

What about you? Did you remember these two? Have you seen this movie?


Four Weddings and a Funeral

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This scene specifically stays with me to this day: