Cover Art

Over at the slash-pile we do a lot of livestreaming of artists doing various work. A few weeks ago I did one to show photomanipulation and how grueling and intricate it can be.

I spend way too much time learning how to create covers. Ideally I would be as talented as Anne Cain or Nathie( or Reese Dante. Cover art for books is such a personal thing for me. I will spend days, months, however long it takes to find exactly what I want for my cover. It has to inspire me. Sometimes a cover sparks a story all on its own. Like when you see a great looking model (hello,¬†Francisco Lachowski – who spawned a whole novel I have to still edit and release) or there’s a pose that strikes you. The following cover was like that. And one day I’ll write the story.

The video is over 4 hours long, but I condensed it to 4+ minutes. Here is the final product (the video link is just beneath it):