An Open Letter to Reviewers and Readers

Dear Reviewers,

Here’s the problem with self-publishing: I’ll get lumped in crap piles of well, CRAP. Crappy authors doing crappy crap and crapping in my yard on top of my book. This is definitely not all self-pubbed authors. But lately, all I see is crappy authors doing crappy things and crapp… you get my point.

Here is my blanket statement. I appreciate all reviews. Every person who writes something about my story, makes me a better writer. Every person who takes the time to tell someone about a book, makes me a better reader. I treasure every word.

I love readers. I’ve been reader for *mumble mumble* years. Here is my promise to readers and reviewers. I will never respond to a reviewer.

Not on my blog

Not on your blog

Not in the next book of prose

Not if the praise positively glows

Not using sock puppets

Not by sending in muppets

I will never ever respond to a review.

This my dear reviewers, I promise to you.


Love, Dani


Note: This is in response to the recent slew of authors who responded very badly to reviewers. You can read more about why I’m up in arms here and here.

Edited to add: this doesn’t include comments on my blog. And love it or hate it, all comments are welcome here as long as they are not attacks on me, the GLBTQ community or another reader or author. =)