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The type of books I like to write: I love romance with an edge. A good story with lots of angst and a healthy dose of laughter. My stories will bludgeon you with angst and then make you laugh through your tears (I hope).

I enjoy suspense and my characters often have killers, guns, knives, Albanian women with big hands and/or psychopaths chasing them. Somehow they even manage to have sex during all of that running/investigating. I like writing sex scenes. I love writing sex scenes. But the sex in my stories is never gratuitous.

Speaking of sex, I love kinks. Bondage, masochism, sadism, domination, slave, uniform fetishes, latex, toys. As long as it’s consensual, it’s fair game.

My characters: Quirkier the better. That’s my motto. And lots of flaws. Like me. I’m a giant flaw with one redeeming quality. I won’t tell you what it is. (It’s that I’ve got great fans/readers!)

The vague personal stuff: I’m married. I came out to my husband and he is nothing but supportive. He loves to read my stories and edit, but he refuses to read the sex scenes. This is why I have to read them several times and so does my editor. (I’m totally not making that up…. Really…. totally.)

Also, I have cats. And a dog.

The boring history: I wrote my first story when I was 15 years old. It was a fanfiction RP fic starring me and the lead singer of my favorite band at the time. Needless to say, I burned that when I found it a few years ago. And then I ate the carbon dust. You will never know of my erotic limo rides with Dave Ga- er… I mean…. Nothing to see here. NOTHING TO SEE. Moving on.

After finding that story, the writing bug slipped into my skin and began an itchy reminder to put some words on paper. I couldn’t quite find my way to a story that made sense to me or that made me feel emotionally invested in the characters. Then I found the world of original slash fiction and fanfiction.

Having been a gay rights activist, a PFlag member and finally an out and proud transgender individual, I felt I’d finally delved into a world I both understood and felt inherently part of. The moment I started writing slash (m/m or gay fiction) I couldn’t stop. I wrote my first story – which I will publish for free once I have time to edit it – in a month. The second story came just as naturally, though I took my time and crafted it over the period of a year. It’s my first release called Shattered Glass.

I decided when it was time, that I would self publish my novels. Not that I have a problem with publishing houses. After all I  was a member of Less Than Three press and I buy more books at Amazon, Dreamspinner Press and Samhain than I should. I made the decision to self publish because I wanted control over my story and my cover. I may change my mind and submit later stories to ebook publishers, but for now, I’m all on my own.

Let me know if I’ve made the right decision by reviewing my stories =D.

  • Gabriela Ranna

    Well, my dear, the answer is definitively yes!
    I think you would never knew (when you are writing Shattered Glass) that your words would cross the continent and find readers and fans here, in Brazil.
    I’ve just had finished SG laughing and – almost, ’cause I’m a tough girl – crying. And I’m in love with Austin and Peter, and love them is loving you, the core of their being.
    Clapping hands, bowing myself and very pleased, I want to let you know how much you are awesome!

    Congratulations for this accomplishment from a new passionate fan of yours!

    Million Brazilian Kisses!
    Gabriela Ranna,

    • =D Brazilian kisses are the best! Thanks so much Gabriela (Ohh, I love your name btw). Your kind words are goign to keep me grinning all night. Cheeks are gonna hurt! It’s so great to hear from someone that they connected as hard to my characters as I did.

      Really appreciate the support and love!

      My best to you and your family. Happy Holidays =)

  • Susan Mac Nicol

    Hi Dani
    I’ve just finished reading Shattered Glass and loved every bit of it. I raced through it wanting to see what happened next and the relationship between Austin and Peter was moving, sexy and absolutely wonderful as it was also humorous. I just loved their chemistry and I’ll never look at bunny slippers the same way again. It was this sort of quirk that made me laugh out loud and giggle uncontrollably at certain parts. I’ll definitely be reading Not so Innocent, I can promise.

    • Hey Susan,

      Thanks so much for the comments! I’m so glad that you loved Shattered Glass <3 Austin & Peter have a special place in my heart. It was hard letting them go. =) Really glad the story connected with you and I hope that NSI will connect as well.

  • Pomma

    Wishing you all the best! Love Shattered Glass, and I look forward to any releases n the future. I love supporting authors as they bring the greatest joy to my life in reading their stories.

    • Doh, not sure how I missed this comment. I’m sorry i did though! =( Thank you so much, Pomma. I get a lot of motivation when people tell me I bring them joy!

  • Dani! What a great TALENT you are! Congratulations! —– http://www.gggaaayyy.com

  • Aniya

    Hi Dani,
    I loved your book Shattered Glass, can’t wait for the other two especially Cai, will i be reading it anytime soon?