A Note About Reviews

I have several posts planned in the next week (two weeks?) One that I actually started writing two weeks ago after asking for ideas from the comm and one that someone else has asked to write for the blog and that I’m eager to post/read. But something has been on my mind lately.

I’m going to incur the wrath of probably two billion people in the world when I say that:

  • I don’t find The Office funny.
  • Monty Python is hit or miss with me (mostly miss) and
  • I have never laughed at a Mel Brooks movie.
  • Oh yeah, and I hated the Blues Brothers.

This is despite all of my friends loving these things and MAKING me watch them while continuously pointing and scowling going “HOW CAN YOU NOT LAUGH???? YOU ROBOT!”

When I click on So You Think You Can Dance, my husband leaves the room.

When he watches that space thingy with the robot in the future and the chick with one eye(?), I stare at him and shake my head oO). (I just remembered what that was when I used the world “future” LOL).

Don’t even get me started on cheese….

I won’t go into my flavor of books, because there’s probably a contingent of you already organizing and plotting to lock me in a room and toothpick my eyes a la Clockwork Orange in order to make me love The Blues Brothers.

Now, why am revealing these quirks? I think it’s because lately I see people struggling to read a book or feeling bad–feeling self-conscious–because they don’t like something a lot of other people do. Or maybe they love something a large number of people hate and that also causes this sense of self-consciousness.

Listen, books, movies, TV shows–all of these are subjective.

There is nothing wrong with you if you don’t like something everyone else does.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you love something and no one else does.

I just thought I’d point that out.