7th and Final Revision–Available Now Everywhere

EDIT ADD’L INFO: According to another site ( a commenter here: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1513602&postcount=3) says that if there is no “update” option available, you can email directly to amazon and ask them for an updated version of the book. I had no idea they didn’t allow that already >8(. What a hassle. And since the edits are minor, they won’t send out an email.

First, I have the final proof of the print version being sent out now, so, barring any obscene errors, the print copy should (*crosses fingers, toes legs and eyes*) be ready by the end of this week!

Second, on Friday, we (hubby and I) uploaded the final revisions to Shattered Glass. I’m finally willing to let go of that book and accept that any more editing is going to take time away from Not So Innocent and Shatterproof. Heh.

If you bought Shattered Glass through Amazon, you can update it by visiting the Amazon.com website, clicking the “my account” button and  then “Manage Your Kindle”.  There you will see a drop down box next to the title of the book and one of the options will be “update your version”. Be aware that this will remove all bookmarks and highlights etc from the book =).

Smashwords and Allromanceebooks: Smashwords will have a list of dates on your account, the top most will be the most recent. ARe will just let you download the new version.

Unfortunately, if you bought through Goodreads, they do not allow updates of the book >8(, but if you send me a message with your order number, I have a list of those and I can send you out an epub version of the new revised edition.

There may be a wait for updating the version at B&N, since Smashwords is the one who sends the book to them and it took them a month to send the first copy there. >>>8(